How to Move Images Between Albums


Hi there, This is a basic question, and i'm surprised not to have been able to find an answer, but can you tell us how users can move images from one album to another— or remove an image from an album altogether? Thanks...


@jaemaz - This is a bit tricky.

For this you would need to edit the album whose media you want to remove or move. Once you are there on the album edit screen and scroll down, you would be able to see suitable options for performing multiple media deletion and moving.

Although the UI is not proper and it may seem a bit buggy we have already made plans for restructuring its UI and positioning.

This was on the main album page before the major refactoring of code ( BuddyPress Media to rtMedia ) and we are planning to get it to the same screen as before.

You would also be able to find a merge album option on the main album page.


Hmmm @joshuaabenazer, I am not seeing any options there at all. Is the attached screengrab the right page?

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Hi @jaemaz,

I think you are on the group album edit page.
Only in user album, you can move media from one album to another or delete media in album together.


@joshuaabenazer I thought this was handled in the most recent release, but I was mistaken.

Just to be clear, can you confirm that this is the current expected behavior?:

  • Users cannot move images from any Wall Post album (in a group or profile)
  • Users cannot move images between any group album.
  • Users can move images from custom profile albums.

If so, that is really rough. That basically means that users always have to know exactly how they want to organize files before uploading them to the system. I didn’t see this on… is a fix planned/documented elsewhere?



Hi @jaemaz,

Currently this is expected behavior.

We will provide this functionality in future as global albums need to be handled in different way. We will also allow group admin to move media from one album to another in same group.



We added this to list -

We just had a meeting about rtMedia roadmap. I hope this and some related fixes will be done towards November-end.

Sorry for inconvenience.