How to move Attach Button to Top Left in Activity stream?

I know this is a CSS issue but I am unable to do this with the most current rtmedia :
Simply I will like to move the “Attach File” button to Top Left of the Whats New textbox atop the activity stream in buddypress (and also make it borderless and transparent)

It seems some js file has “appended” the Attach File to appear after the form only so by css changes I cannot make it appear before the form. To have it in Top Left it must be before the form, I think but how?

Please see the picture

Can someone kindly point me to what changes I need to make in what .js or css files ( or php files) please ?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @rosyteddy,

You can do that using some js code in your theme. That attach file button isn’t coming from any js, rtMedia uses standard WordPress hooks to do that. You can check the hook here: