How to modify the file opcache.ini and php.ini on v4

I want to change some contents of two files. But I can not find them. The v4 version is quite new and I’m getting used to it. Looking forward to receiving your help.

You can find php.ini at /var/lib/docker/volumes/yourdomain_config_php/_data/php/

You should go further, in to /conf.d and edit custom.ini put all your PHP customisations in there so when EE updates they are not overwritten and you have to keep changing it again. You’ll also find the ‘opcache-recommended.ini’ file in the conf.d directory. You need to switch to root user before you can access these directories.

@msarhan @minhvip20956 You can find PHP’s config at


You can have a look at site filesystem structure to know more about where logs, config, etc… of site are kept

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lol! that’s a lot easier. I don’t know how i ended up in the docker dir but I remember in ee4 beta I spent a while looking for the php directory. Thanks for the tip

Oh. Thank You Very Much.