How to manage wordpress sites on cloud server with ip only

Hello geeks.

I am new to easyengine and cloud. i have followed the instructions to manage WP sites in the local system it is fine to open by site name by change in the host file. But in cloud server how to open through ip. ( if the domain is unregistered )

My query is, whether it is possible to create ( on cloud server and open it by cloud ip Only. And whether it is possible to manage multiple sites (,, and also how we can open multiple sites through ip only.

Please Help. :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:


Change your hosts file, just like you do with localhost; instead of you use your actual IP, from your VPS.

hello @portofacil, Thanks for your reply.

i did the same on digitalocean cloud as like with local host file.

so problem is how do i open

Please help.

After adding a record into your hosts file, you should be able to access to your website directly with your domain.


But my query is how do i open a unregistered domain on cloud server.

e.g. ee site create --wp, then how do i open in browser.
With the cloud ip i can’t able to open the wordpress dashboard on browser.
It only shows the nginx page.

Hope you understand my problem.

Please help.

you may install the wp on directory.

or if apache adjust vhost, nginx add server block

Just edit your hosts file and add your domain and the IP of your server. Like in this example :

You can also do it with tools like Bluelifehost editor

I Wii give free support virtually msg me


As you said, i already edit the host file.

after that how do i open on browser.
when i open it showing the real site not my wp site.

its is working when easyengine install in local linux system.
but how do i work on a development cloud server with unregistered domain.

what i did exactly, i use digitalocean cloud server for testing. i have installed easyengine 3.7.5.

ee site create --wp
then i edit the host file as

so how to open the site on browser ?
server_ip/ or direct what ?
nothing work for me.

Please help on a priority.

Are you behind a proxy or something?

Once I faced the very same issue when working from my Mom’s. The cause was a “transparent” proxy her Internet access provider had between subscribers and “real” Internet, making my hosts file useless.

First I tried asking their support to help, but they demanded one week to find and maybe solve the issue.

The final solution was using an SSH tunnel, configuring the hosts file on remote SSH server.

I don’t know how to configure SSH tunnels on Windows, unfortunately.

@portofacil is this a solution or what ? i really not getting what you saying.

do you understand about my problem ? since 4-5 days i am trying but no one here helping me and even i searched a lot on easyengine site about this solution but nothing found.

That’s because this is not one of EE’s issues.

I’m sorry if you can’t understand what I said. I shared what I did to solve the issue I had, with the same symptoms you are reporting.

I can’t be of more help, unfortunately.

ok. then how you would open the site e.g on the browser (if domain is not registered).

when you are on a local linux pc, you can edit the host file with

but in a cloud server, even if you edit the host file its not working.

There is nothing to do with cloud server, Easy Engine or whatever.

The problem is, I guess, you are behind a proxy. You need an SSH tunnel, or another proxy under your control to circumvent the issue. I can’t help you farther than this.

  1. You add the unregistered domain to your server.
  2. You point your hosts file to the servers IP for that domain.
  3. Access the site using the domain as normal.

That’s literally all you do - it just works. This is all everyone else does :slight_smile:

If it does not work for YOU then as @portofacil keeps saying - it’s a problem inbetween your PC and the server. So it’s nothing to do with the server, and it’s nothing to do EE.

Maybe talk to your ISP because that appears to be where the problem lies?