How to make left box 1 & 2 buttons

Hi, I was wondering how I would make the left box 1 & 2 buttons similar to boxes on the right. So that the entire red portion is clickable button?

Thank you

Can you share screenshot, I am not getting what you exactly looking for.


So, on the website ( you maybe notice the left boxes that are stacked aren’t buttons themselves like the ones layout to the right. the right boxes are hover-able and become highlighted with blue. How can I do that to the boxes on the left hand side…

Thank you so much.

Do you mean by you want to same effect on “REQUEST A VOLUNTEER” box where red color turns in blue?

Yes exactly, I would like the two boxes with the content to be clickable. So the red boxes would turn blue. correct.

Add following CSS line in style.css or custom css codes.

.home-left-container:hover {  
    background: #216CB4;  

Awesome, but how do I make that section a clickable link when its being hovered over?

Or make it how the right box currently is, so the text and title are being linked to the appropriate page?

To add link for whole box you need to wrap the anchor tag like this #Box Code#

Sorry, how do I do that? in the template-home.php file? and if so where do I place it?
.home-left-container ??

Also, How do I give a line space between the testimonial itself and the person who gave the testimonial

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Yes, For link to entire box you need add “.home-left-container” like:

Feel free to ask further help.


Perfect, now where do I add this code? obviously not in the css file. how do I edit the html on the wordpress site. Again, thank you and sorry for being not very good at this.