How to make I wordpress MU in a LAN be available on Internet

i have installed a wordpress MU and it works in LAN.
its’ ip is
then I changed home,siteurl’s value in wp_options to,also changed the current-domain to in wp-config.php
and it works,the site can be accessed on Internet.
but when I click the manage network ,it out of work.
I have no idea now.please help me…thanks.

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Looks like you are trying to create wordpress MU with subdomains.

In that case for wildcard records to work you need to install a nameserver e.g. bind9 on localhost/LAN gateway.

You may also need to update nameserver. Modifying /etc/hosts will not work for wildcard domains.

in fact,It works under a subdirectory mode。
everything goes well ,for example, can be openend correctly.
but I can’t open the url
get an error “too many redirect”. from chrome…
i’ve changed wp_options and wp-config.php and set domain from to

There might be some misconfiguration. As its a test environment, if you are using Ubuntu, try easyeninge. That will make life much easier -

ee is a great tool!,
my command is sudo ee site create wpsubdir w3tc
it works.
now I want to change the language to zh_CN. I changed the wp-config.php in htdocs and copy the languages dir under to wp-content.
an refresh the wepage ,and restart the nginx ,reboot the machine ,still it is english .
what’s wrong with it?

i’ve changed to chinese in dashboard!

@lg2578 Glad to know it worked! :slight_smile: