How to make BuddyPress Media FFMPEG working with FFMPEG already installed?



I just installed BuddyPress Media FFMPEG and appears that I need to install Media Node.

I already have FFMPEG installed on my CentOS 5.6 dedicated server used by another script. So I just want to know if I follow the install instructions ( it will put the mess with FFMPEG or it's just a something that will work with it?

Thanks for your answer. :)


@Lolo Thanks for purchasing the FFMPEG add-on.

Our script will remove all the previously installed modules and configured with fresh setup.

If you have installed the FFMPEG with some other script, make sure it is supporting following modules and enabled them: 1. x264 2. LAME 3. Libogg 4. Libvorbis 5. VP8 6. Zlib

For media node, you need to install node.js which required python 2.6+, but the older version of CentOs 5.x have python 2.4. (refer this Hence we have built-up our script with latest version of CentOs as well as node.js.

So, I can suggest you to update the CentOS with latest version and use our script.

Thanks, --Nitun


Thanks you Nitun for your answer. I guess I won't be able to use your FFMPEG Addon for now.

My problem now is that when I try to upload a video without your add on, nothing happened. The upload is fine, but after 100% the script tell me there is no video. When I make this upload through the admin with WP MEDIA everything is fine. So for me the video upload (photo it's OK) is not working fine with BuddyPress Media.

Hope I will find a solution.

Thanks again.



Could you share the server's error log?