How to make Activity tab to Show Everything always?

Any link / code / tutorial for this known to anyone for the following:

Whenever a member chooses something from the “Show” dropdown in Activity page for example Comments Updates Friendships etc BP actually “remembers” the choice, and the next time when the user’s click “Activity” he is taken to that page only. How can I make BP forget this, and every time an user clicks Activity tab he is taken to Show Everything always?

Thanks for your help.

Hi rosyteddy,

You have to add following jquery in rtpanel rtp-app.js and should have to run grunt.

Add these lines in rtp-app.js in jQuery(document).ready(function($)

$.removeCookie(‘bp-activity-filter’, { path: ‘/’ });

This code will remove saved cookie for activity filter on each page refresh, so that activity will show Everything always.