How to make a sticky menu (RTPanel)

Hi Guys!

first, my english is not so good, but i will try.
2nd, i wanna thank you for this wonderfull great and fast theme! its perfect.

i like to make the menu sticky. i look on this forum and find a tutorial, but it goes to a 404page.
is it posiible to make it sticky?

and i would like to ask, if its possible to change the menu color to blue

thanx for your time.


Add following code in JS file

jQuery( document ).ready( function() {  
    /* Calculate height of header wrapper */  
    var aboveHeight = jQuery('#header-wrapper').outerHeight();  
    var menuWidth = jQuery("#rtp-primary-menu").outerWidth();  

    /* Check if scroll is more than header wrapper */  
    jQuery( window ).scroll( function() {  
        var fix_element = jQuery('#rtp-primary-menu');  
        var headerwrap      = jQuery("#header-wrapper").offset();  

        /* Add sticky style to navigation bar */  
        if ( jQuery( window ).scrollTop() > aboveHeight ) {  
            'top': '0px',  
            'position' : 'fixed',  
            'z-index' : '1000',  
            'max-width' : menuWidth,  
            'width' : '100%'  
            } );  
        } else {  
            'position': 'relative',  
            'top': '0px'  
            } );  
} );  

For navigation color add following line in css file:

.rtp-nav-wrapper, .rtp-nav-wrapper:before, .rtp-nav-wrapper:after { background: blue; }

Hi Sagar,

menu is ok, but i dont know, in wich JS file i have to put that code

i fix it, thanks.

only, when i start scrolling, the menu disapear for 1 second and it com back when i scoll lower.
is it posiible to let the menu stay ALWAYS on top?