How to integrate with YouTube

Dear team,

We have unique requirement form client to integrate with YouTube media. Looking for Buddypress Media and it's impressive. Would you please guide me on how to integrate with Youtube so that videos belongs to particular singer i can include on my site? Does it support emmbeding soundclould music files?

Many Thanks.. and appreciate you r response on this.


Currently BuddyPress Media doesn’t support embedding external videos. However, with rtMedia, we will include oEmbed support. This means that you’d be able to use most of the providers (including YouTube) described here:



There are 2 aspects for youtube integration we discussed.

1 - Embed Youtube Video

This is already possible in buddypress-core. Anytime you paste youtube link, it renders as video-player thanks to oEmbed.


2 - Download-from/Upload-to Youtube

This was discussed but discarded.

There are legal concerns about downloading from youtube. Ref:

Youtube has API for uploading but then Kaltura and FFMPEG are far more flexible in that case. Also YouTube terms of service is a concern for many users.

Considering all this we are closing this feature request as "rejected".

If we have missed any point or a use case, feel free to bring it to our notice. We will surely reconsider this feature request if there is nice reason/use-case for it.