How to install php7 in automated wp setup


I was trying my hands on easyengine. More or less got sucessfull also. Just one thing i am not able to find out about automated installation of wp on ste. I the command given for automated installation php version 5.6 is only installed and even if we try upgrade command from stack it is not upgrading to php7. How can we install automated wp with php7 and not php5.6

To create site with PHP 7.0 you can use --php7 during site creation. For example, you can create WordPress site running on PHP 7.0 using following command:

ee site create --wp --php7

Thanks for support… got it… done…

ok one more think want to know how can i use existing letsencrypt certificate because as per the standard process every time when we run program it goes to site and generate new certificate and in get resolution of above php7 problem i have reinstalled vps for 5 times which have made me helpless due to rate limit of letsencrypt.

When EE locates an existing and still valid certificate it offers user the choice to reinstall same cert or get a new one.

If LE is trying to get a new cert every single time, there’s some other problem around (probably not resolving to the same IP as Take a look at /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log to find a starting point to investigate.