How to install easyengine which support pagespeed?

I have installed easyengine by following docs that installed latest version. I want to remove current version and install that version which support pagespeed. Thanks in Advance!

Sorry, I think it would be experimental so I don’t like to install it.

@amazinghacker – EasyEngine pulled support for Pagespeed. Here’s the last version that will be able to utilize it:

Can I install a specific version of easyengine ? I want to install easyengine 3.1. Is it possible ?

@amazinghacker We have removed complete pagespeed support from our nginx package repo and switching to older version of EasyEngine will not help with that. You can read about why we removed support for it here. If you wish to use pagespeed then, you will have to build the nginx package on your own.

Okay, thanks. I’ll also not use.