How to increase PHP execute time?

i see
but, where i can Changes in php.ini, Changes in PHP-FPM, Changes in Nginx Config in EE4(wp) ?

Switch over to root (sudo su) and head to /opt/easyengine/sites/

Edit the file custom.ini (nano custom.ini) and you can change your execution time and other PHP settings in there.

Add the following (using 300 just as an example, change it to what you need it to be):

max_execution_time = 300

Then ee site restart – this custom config is only for this specific domain, if you have other domains you need to increase the execution time on, do the same for them in their own custom.ini files.

For reference, here are some config variables that you might need in the future if you ever need to refer to. If you need to increase input vars beyond the default (which is 1000), or increase the max memory allocated to PHP, or your max upload size etc.

max_input_vars = 1234
max_memory_limit = 256M
max_execution_time = 300
upload_max_filesize =100M
post_max_size =100M

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