HOW to improve download speed

Hi @virtubox,

We setup wordpress multisite with PHP7+ Nginx by EE.

there is a website( for speed test, and I found the downloading speed varies a lot in different regions. Also, it shows quite different for every test.

So, the question is how to improve the downloading speed for all of those regions, how to optimization please?


It probably doesn’t depend on your setup (WP, Nginx, and so on) but on your infrastructure provider, the network part of the datacenter your PVS belong to.

I’d use Cloudflare to take advantage of their distribuited network. There are other options, but I can’t say anything because I never used any alternative to CF.

At first, you need to make sure those metrics are accurate. But I don’t know if the chinese network is the same than in Europe, or if there still are some slow internet backend. You can check if you have the same issue around the world or not with

the site at is quite famous in China, and most of developers use it to evaluate the site speed.

do you mean server side or our PC site please?

sorry, both keycdn and Cloudflare do not cover China market, please check the screenshot:

but I can access

Before we use Debian, and the downloading speed is really great for all of regions in China. The bad downloading speed happened only after we recently change Debian to Ubuntu, is there any linux system optimization need at server end please?


I have tried 17ce on my website and it’s not accurate at all. Time to load the page was between 18 and 57 seconds. When it’s only 6 seconds when testing with pingdom location Melbourne Australia…

we are blocked to access most of global resource like google, Facebook, twitter, yahoo,… by China government firewall named National great wall. Actually, we need remove any global resource link from plugins like google JS library, Cloudflare CDN links… otherwise, the sites will caused serious delay.

I mean we are in a big intranet, you can access our sites, but we can not access your sites.

So, I think 18 and 57 seconds to reach your site is really true and accurate if you test it on

All assets are loaded from my domain, there isn’t a single static files or fonts loaded from a CDN or from Google.