How to import WordPress data manually through server command in easyengine v4

Hi, I have created a droplet server in the digital ocean and installed easy engine v4 over it. I also have created a WordPress website and upload the wp-content folder through file zilla successfully. However, eev4 does have PHPMyAdmin support.

But I want to upload WordPress data manually through the server command. How can I perform this task.

As I am still learning server command in easy engine v4.

Considering me as a newbie if any expert can guide and share an expert article specially prepared for non-technical one.

I mean, what I need to do is fust upload the wp data backup.sql file in the root folder that is “htdoc” and than run a command?

I am confused about this whole process.

I read several articles but all showing different command lines. It any expert in the forum that can make this whole process easy in a step-by-step format as if a new novice non-technical one can perform it.

Waiting for reply

This appears to be a duplicate request. I will respond on this thread. I tried importing wp database through shell command but it is in the postgre.sql format. But I want my wp data is in the sql format How to resolve this issue

you can active PHPmyadmin using this command:
ee admin-tools enable

Then you can access on

But there is clean command using CLI:

  1. upload your .sql using filezilla
  2. ee shell --command=‘wp db import yourdb.sql’


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