How to Handle Hevey Trafics of My Wordpess Blog using EE?

I have one Wordpress Blog with Good Real Time User and I m Use Digital Occean with 4GB Ram with (CentOs, Apache, PHP).

But This server not handle 150+ Real time traffics.

So that I have to plan to change my server.

I have read numbers of good review of Easy Engine Stack…If I will transfer to other server with “EE” Configration.

then how many traffics will handle real time if my server 4GB Ram and 2 core…

If you optimize all your server settings, with easyengine you can handle at least 50K visitors daily. I handle 1M visitors monthly on a vps with 4GB RAM.

It depends on site code, not only hardware.

A customer of mine had a surge of traffic a couple months ago; 35k simultaneous visitors on a VPS with 1GB RAM.

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@pradip156 Are you using any kind of caching within Wordpress, or on the server, or a CDN…?

Are you asking to me?

Yes, of course: REDIS cache for the win, no stats plugins (that’s why they invented Google Analytics), and only essential plugins.

No, sorry, that was meant for original poster (made it clearer now) - I know you would be :slight_smile:

yes, I have used cdn and w3 super cach