How to get webgrid to display any data

hi all, quick question: how can we get webgrind to work, what are the steps? (re: show any data)

I have the EE auth stack fully installed on an EE server, and I am at the webgrind interface, and see nothing after clicking the update button except “loading” when i visit my wp (php) site, front or backend, with or without chrome xdebug extension on, i see no info, just “loading”

can someone chime in with the steps necessary to get it work?

Hello @pt1011

Regarding your query, please refer to following tutorials :

I read that already, seems like a lot of steps unnessasry for an ee statck that has full admin tools install (RE: most of that is done already).

what i am looking for (hopping) someone can chime in here with, is a little less “go read this tutorial” and a litle more: “on a ee stack, run this command, edit this file and do this one other thing” anybody?

so how to work with that? Its not showing and loading for me for long time. I had it under Ip:22222 somewhere