How to fully setup an EMAIL hosting

I’ve look into all the tutorials and support post here regardinng the EMAIL HOSTING but I can’t seem to find the right procedure to make the email hosting working I still can’t receive emails but it can send what am I missing. also how do I migrate all the emails from the old server going to the easyengine email hosting?

my old server is using justhost and they mentioned that the mail location is in the /var/mail/ is that all the files I need to copy because I can’t seem to find the database of the roundcube.

also what are the dns needed? I input the hostname to , but everytime I go to that url after the migration I can’t seem seem to access the admin panel located at

what am I missing? What I did already is added MX and A in the DNS manager for the MX for A

hopefully someone can help me for this migration. also how do we migrate the whole roundcube emails to the new server ? is the best way to sync it locally then sync it back to the new server?

UPDATE: I have fully configured both server and what I did is set the A Name for mail to the 2nd server

A/AAAA Record mail [ip address of 2nd server] mail [ipv6 of 2nd server]

CNAME Record webmail

now the problem is when I do a test mail bot incoming and outgoing is not working what are the things I need to check?

Hi @rnovino

check following links setting up mail stack : recommended for security : checking mail queue(useful to debug) :

debugging on mail issues starts here … first check the port 25 is open using telnet <IP>:25

if telnet doesn’t connects open port in firewall/s in case of server firewall (iptables) use iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 25 -j ACCEPT iptables-save

and check service (postfix is running on 25) netstat -ntlp|grep :25

if postfix is not running : service postfix start

try a test mail using mail command install command using : apt install mailutils send test mail : mail [email protected] (use Ctrl+D to send)

check mail log using : tail -f /var/log/mail.log

hope you may get some useful info at this stage. :slight_smile:

**JFYI : inorder to migrate mail between servers, you can use imapsync utility.

imapsync \ --host1 --authmech1 PLAIN --user1 [email protected] --password1 12345678 \ --host2 --authmech2 PLAIN --user2 [email protected] --password2 99999999