How to fix this Reader Redirection issue

First of all thank Q RTcamp team for providing such a good tutorial for migrating my blogspot blog to wordpress , i migrated my blog successfully.

Unfortunately i was unable to fix some links in my reader , I have followed the RSS feed redirection in your site and done with that some of my links are being redirected and few are not and they are not opening, showing 404 error. Please find the image

Link redirecting after clicking on post of my reader :

Same link by removing some lines :

Hello gmanendra,

I found that many of your old blogger blog post links are not Working. Also the permalink structure that you used in WordPress blog is different than blogger post links. You need to change that and make it like this /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html.
Another thing, you need to run fix.php file which you can find in this tutorial.
Hope this will sort out your problem.


Ya just now i uploaded fix.php file and it is showing “Done” and i used “Dean’s Permalinks Migration Plugin” to and i pasted the the URL structure " /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html" and in my settings section i used " /%postname%.html " so all my new posts are coming with friendly URL i.e full title in my URL i.e

If i use the link structure which you specified how can i get the URL with out date and month on my link…??

If you want to use “/%postname%.html” then no need to use link structure given by me.
But my suggestion is, go with date and month URL structure, hence you can maintain all your old blogger post links with WordPress posts.