How to enable cache after create site in v4?

I forgot add “–cache” when I create the site.
Is there anyway to add it back?

I tried ee site update --cache but it’s not working

it can only be created 1 time, you will not be able to use the update command

The update command doesn’t support --cache yet, but it is quite easy and fast to do, I wrote a little step by step here if you would like to follow this route:

If on a non-cache enabled installation, I just install the above plugins, nginx helper and wp redis, will it work the same as if I had placed the --cache from the installation?

When I do this procedure quoted above I get HTTP ERROR 500, I have tried several times, with different domains, using ee site create --type=wp --ssl=le --cache and then using UPDRAFTPLUS.

Make sure when restoring the website with updraft you exclude the “other” folder

Does anyone have an update on when we will be able to update our sites with redis --cache after creating?