How to disable MariaDB binary log safely and permanently

MariaDB binary log is taking almost 10GB now on my VPS. I removed logs and added a setting to my.cnf to disable the binary log, however, after EE update my.cnf got reset and now my HDD is full.
How to disable logs permanently?

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Comment out all the lines on


and only the log_bin, log_bin_index, expire_logs_days, max_binlog_size from


It looks like it worked - however, won’t ee.cnf be overwritten when doing ee cli update?

I am not quite sure because I also changed it recently and there aren’t any updates since I changed it. Maybe it will ask whether to overwrite with the new version or keep the installed version but that’s just my guess. I haven’t found any other option to disable it. So, if the settings are overwritten, the only option we have is to repeat the process.