How to Delete Albums / Move Photos To Album?


How to Delete Albums / Move Photos To Album? I can't seem to find an "Edit" button where I can add the description, title or delete images, videos or audio from the BuddyPress Media plugin.

Also, is there a user guide that I can give to users or upload onto my site? I can't seem to find one anywhere.



Deleting is possible by the person who uploaded the image. Moving photos, between albums is a feature that'll be added in coming versions. There is also an edit button, unless you are talking about groups. The groups part of the plugin is a hack because BuddyPress doesn't add true components for Groups.

The user guide is something that we've just started working on. We'll update you, as soon as that's ready.


Unfourtunately, deleting of albums does not work. I can edit just fine, however, when I got to delete an album, I get the error message, however, the album itself still remains there.

I think this is a bug. Please advise.

Are you talking about the groups? The albums don't get deleted on groups. We will be fixing this in the upcoming version.