How to create [email protected]

How do I create an [email protected]?

You need to setup mail server
Please follow this tutorials:

EasyEngine doesn’t support mail server as of now
You can track the progress at

This release has slipped and slipped and slipped. Is there any news on when we can expect it? At the time of writing it’s 5 days over due after having the date changed quite a few times. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the great stuff that rtcamp have produced. I’m just frustrated because I’ve been expecting this release for months now.


I feel sorry for delay and can understand your frustration.

There are 2 reasons for delay:

  1. A major refactoring is underway to improve quality and stability in future. Also goal is to make EasyEngine codes easy to understand so other developers can send pull-requests more frequently.

  2. EasyEngine being free product do not have a revenue model on its own. That makes it hard to put dedicated team working on it. We have some extra-client work this month which is not giving us free time to develop further.

We are addressing problem #2 by increasing our team size though as we really want to keep EasyEngine free for all.

Next major release will be out anytime soon in June. We hope to meet monthly release goal from next-month again.


Thanks for the reply. And I appreciate and understand the reasons for the delay. It’s a shame you aren’t able to move to a paid model as the functionality in easy engine is something that I certainly would have been willing to pay up to $20 for. Unless I’m way undervaluing it.


Hey , Checkout EasyEngine new release EasyEngine 2.1.0.

Now, Setup a Mail Server easily with EasyEngine.