How to create a second database?


Hi there,

Lately i’m playing around with EasyEngine. As a front-end developer it’s the perfect tool to setup up a environment very quickly without knowing technical server stuff :wink:

I have made a simple stack with: ee site create --mysql.

For Magento I need a second database for migrating the database.

How can I create a second database? Just can’t figure it out.

Thanks for the help!


dont quote me on it, but i dont think ee lets you just create a db… without having something connected to it… you might want to try creating a new site with ee create site and using that db


just find a mysql howto online for that :slight_smile:


You might have found the answer to this, but if not, you can check on your admin tools on port :22222 for PhpMyAdmin.

If not there’s a guide on how to install it here

Next you should find your mysql login details and once in, you can create databases, users and whatever else.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mahir,

That’s not a bad idea :wink: I’m going to check it out.


Hi Francisc,

Thanks for your reply. I have to install it but it’s worth it to give it a try.


if u going to use SECOND db for wordpress, u can just use different prefix_ for wordpress.



Thanks. That’s not what i’m looking for. It’s for Migrating a database from Magento 1.9.x to Magento 2.

So I really need 2 separated databases for this. The other options which are given before might help. Still have to check that out.

Thanks for your help! Cheers.


Sorry if I don’t help you to solve your issue, but would you mind sharing your rewrite rules for Magento under Nginx?

Regarding your question, I’d try what someone else suggested above: create a temporary website for the second database:

ee site create --mysql

This will create an empty website with an empty database named temp_com with respective username and password.

From where I see, it would be enough to solve your immediate needs.


Hi Janiosarmento, thanks for your answer. Haven’t tried your solution yet but I guess it’s the way to go.

I haven’t done the installation of Magento yet on this nginx machine. But I know this great source for running Magento on so called “Hypernode” platforms. These Hypernodes are runnng on nginx so you should take look at this. It might help you further.


I hope this is what you’re looking for.