How to create a page with shared photo Albums?

I have added following shortkeys in a wordpress page: [rtmedia_uploader] [rtmedia_gallery] My users all can upload photos in this page. However, it becomes crowded page since there is no album in this page. Would be possible to let users create Album in this page as well ? In other words, how can I get that nav-bar with Options->“Add new Album” in this page ?

Hello @sepidpooy,

Yes, You can add “Add Album” option in the page where you have used ShortCode. You need to use action ‘rtmedia_media_gallery_shortcode_actions’ for this. Try adding below code to your theme’s function.php file :

add_action( 'rtmedia_media_gallery_shortcode_actions', 'rtmedia_gallery_options', 80 );

Let us know if it helps you or not.


Hello @pranalipatel:

I have added that code in my function.php. However, I don’t know what should be my shortCode to reflect the change. Where should I add this “Add Album” option that you have mentioned ?

Hello @sepidpooy,

You need to keep context either profile or group in the shortcode. Below is the sample of gallery shortcode:

[rtmedia_gallery context=profile context_id=1]

Note: Here context_id is user_id for ex 1.

After using ‘rtmedia_media_gallery_shortcode_actions’ action in your theme’s function.php file, Add album option will be added to your gallery. Attaching the screenshot for the same.


@pranalipatel I have tried that and find following issues:

  1. context profile is basically means that I have to share a photo albums of specific user in this page
  2. Even with context profile, when I click on add album, it says the “Content not found”
  3. With context profile, only one user can create new albums. Other users does not have Option->“Add album”

I have tried context group but and assigned a valid buddypress group-id to context_id. However, Option->“Add album” did not show up. It seems it show up with context profile.

If we can fix this issue for context group, then I think we are fine. Would you please kindly verify that your Option->“Add album” works for context group ? I don’t know why I can not see that.

Note that I have enabled rtMedia in buddypress groups and profiles in the rtMedia setting and rtMedia works find within the groups.

Hello @sepidpooy,

We checked and found that we will need to add some filters as well as some code to fulfill your requirement. We are working on this and will be available in future release but there is no ETA as of now.