How to compile nginx with fast-cgi-cahe + other modules?

I really want to add in the google pagspeed module, but I have no idea how I go about doing it without ruining my current setup. I followed your guide and downloaded the nginx-custom vs. that had the support for the cache extension and it works great.

Now that puts me on Nginx 1.4.1 and I would really like to upgrade to the new 1.4.2 + pagespeed module
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Can someone please paste in the steps that I would type in to be able to upgrade the nginx vs. while keeping both the custom rtcamp cache plugin and the pagespeed plugin?

Or, if there is a good article that I could read on how to recompile scripts in the future where I need to pull in lots of ‘dependent’ scripts like the cache, that would be awesome.

Keep in mind, I am new to this, only a week or so, but working VERY hard on learning to do this right. I don’t mind fairly technical articles, and so far I think I’ve done ok. It does seem that most how-to articles never do get to the point of explaining what to do when you need to add other ‘modules’ (sorry not sure techy term) to something like nginx, or how to upgrade without loosing the ones you do have. I am under the assumption that if I recompile the new vs. that I would indeed loose everything I had, if that’s not the case, then awesome, but I don’t know for sure.

Page you have linked already provides instruction for compiling -

ngx_pagespeed module is in beta so Launchpad PPA’s may take time to add it.

We are working on building our own PPA’s. So far we managed to compile nginx with pagespeed but we haven’t tested yet its features.

We will post a tutorial about it when we have something working. :slight_smile:

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I guess what I was asking is if I use the instructions on that page, do I need to add a line to the example code to add the fast-cgi-cache when I compile it?
If so, what line of code do I add to make sure it is added during the compile?
Or, because I have already installed it, does it just automatically get added so I don’t have to worry about it?

I guess the best way to ask the question:
When I want to recompile nginx or upgrade it, do I have to have a list of everything I want added such as pagespeed, fast-cgi-cache, every time I do recompile or upgrade?

Is recompiling like erasing ALL the old stuff and starting over, or is it just erasing the nging part from my server and leaving the extensions alone?

For compilation - please have a look at