How to combine EE v4 with CloudFlare and Https?


Is there a detailed guide (step by step) on how to create a website on EE v4 with CloudFlare and HTTPS (Full) (the right way and working)?

Thanks in advance

I have recently changed to V4, and it is light-years away from v3 for LetsEncrypt.

I set up the Cloudflare DNS with “cloud” active

  • create the website (sudo ee site create --type=wp --cache, then
  • add LE as an additional step when the DNS is resolved (sudo ee site update --ssl=le

After 25 sites there hasn’t been a single issue.

10x but it gives me errors with custom proxies and mixed content error which I am trying currently to resolve

Solved it by adding the meta tag:

‘<’ meta http-equiv=“Content-Security-Policy” content=“upgrade-insecure-requests” /’>’

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