How to check which services are installed in ee stack?

I just transferred a wp site from shared hosting to freshly setup VPS using famous 2 line commands of ‘ee’. It worked like a charm & I dont have issues with the site.
I want to know what following command does on fresh Ubuntu 14.04 machine

ee stack install

When I checked on service status of phpmyadmin or hhvm it says the services are unrecognizable.
How to check whether ee installed HHVM & phpMyAdmin or not?

You should get your answer here -

The ee stack install command won’t install HHVM or phpmyadmin…ect… For that, you need to run:

ee site create --wp --hhvm

Then run:

ee stack install --admin

which will install phpmyadmin and other nifty tools for you.

OK. @wphsmatt Since I already created wp site, is it possible now to have it on hhvm ?

Sure! Just do ee site update --hhvm I have gotten really great speeds from using HHVM and Redis

–hhvm --wpredis