How to change font color and style


Hi guys!

I need your help, because I would like to change font color and style on the Comment page. I would like to use my own Comment button too, but I don’t know how to change it.

Thanks for your help.


Hi noivikk,

You can change the look and feel as per your needs in your theme’s style.css file.



Hi Sumeet,

I can change only the color of the username, but I can’t use my own “Comment” button. Could you help me in details?


Hi noivikk, In your style.css, add this

body .mfp-content #buddypress .rtm-lightbox-container .rtmedia-single-meta .rtm-media-single-comments .rt_media_comment_submit {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 red;
border-color: red;

Similarly you can change other styles, as required.

Let me know if this helps.



Hi sagarjadhav,

thanks for your help, it was very useful. I have one more question, how can I hide the “Comment” link under the username?


You are welcome :smile:

This is the code to hide “Comment” link.

.rtm-lightbox-container .rtmedia-comment-link { display: none; }


Hi sagarjadhav,

thank you very much. I’ve just noticed, that the name is blue, too. How can I change the color?


Hello, Use following code to change title color.

body .rtmedia-container ul#rtmedia_comment_ul li .rtmedia-comment-author a,
body .rtmedia-activity-container ul#rtmedia_comment_ul li .rtmedia-comment-author a {
    color: red;


Hi sagarjadhav,

thank you very much. :wink:


You are welcome :smile: