How to change Album Privacy?


Is there an easy way to do this after the album has been uploaded? I don't see an option to change the privacy of the album other than when you first upload the pictures to it. I'd like to create my Album while it is still private, and then press/select something to make the entire thing public etc. Am I missing something? Thanks


@vikki - We have not yet implemented album privacy in rtMedia. But we do have plans of getting this done.


Any time-scale on implementing this feature? It's desperately needed!



@madcap66 - Can't guarantee on when would this be available, as this needs to be discussed with the team first. But it should be out soon enough.


Thanks for the feedback...I'm sure we'd all like to see this implemented as a matter of urgency. If I remember right it was in the previous versions and is a feature that I personally need for my site before I can even contemplate putting the site live or the very least into beta.

Please try and make this a priority.