How to adress mirrored site

This is a question so simple that I can’t get my head around it: I have created a backup droplet on DO, with mirroring of both website files and databases. This is working well.

My problem: how do I test these for functionality of the mirrored site. For example, if a site is on both active and mirrored server, how do I point to the site on the mirrored server?


you just have to edit your domain DNS records, to point the domain to the backup droplet IP instead of the active droplet IP.

Yes, but I can’t take the live site offline for the test

In this case, just edit the file etc/hosts on your computer to override your domain DNS records.

Here how to proceed on Windows :

Then just add two lines like the example below :

BACKUP.SERVER.IP yourdomain.tdl
BACKUP.SERVER.IP www.yourdomain.tld

That’s it! Thank you Virtubox