How to add multisite to EE single site?

Hi. Been using EE for a while and I love it. However, I have only ever used EE to create a single site. So, my question is if use the multisite commands to add a new WP site to a subdomain, will it screw up my single site installation. I initially used the w3tc switch when installing EE. Have since deleted W3tc completely and moved to Cache Enabler. Seems to be faster and much easier to manage. If what I want to do is possible, what would be the best EE command to use for creating sites on the subdomains.

Thanks in advance Jeff


After removing w3tc, have you use the command ee site update --wp ? Because EasyEngine set custom nginx configuration for each cache mechanism, and --w3tc include nginx directives which may not work properly with another plugin.

Additionally you have the choice with several other cache mechanism :

ee site create --wpsc # install wordpress with whisp-super-cache plugin
ee site create --wpfc # install wordpress + nginx fastcgi_cache
ee site create --wpredis # install wordpress + nginx redis_cache

But to answer to your question about WP Multisite, you can convert your current wp instance in a multisite with the command ee site update. The documentation page is available here :

Before trying a command, make sure to backup your wordpress files and your database.

Thank you so much. No, I did not run the EE update command. But, I will back up and give it a try. I didn’t cause I didn’t notice any issues after removing W3TC. But I do understand what you mean, and it makes a lot of sense. I will review the commands for the multisite conversion, as you suggested. Thanks again.

Hi. I have question about this cache conversion process, though. Can I keep fastcgi cache or should I remove it? also, i am using let’s encrypt… so… what would be the actual command I would use to remove the W3TC settings. Site seems to be working okay with fastcgi and cache enabler, but maybe I am dreaming and missing something. is using both of them redundant and should I only use one? little confused here. Please advise. thanks.