How to add media upload into activity stream


The new updated rtmedia plugin is not supporting the activity stream updates after media upload.


@joshuaabenazer am waiting for reply


@stan-reeves-963 - I checked this on my end and also on the demo site. The activity upload and the media upload works fine and shows up on the activity stream. Have you installed any plugins on your site lately that may be causing this issue?


@joshuaabenazer Thak you for your quick reply. I am using the plugin version Version: 3.1.4 and the new buddypress(1.8.1) and no other plugins installed in my server. But the activity stream is not updating as per the media upload. I think in your demo site the rtmedia plugin using is a old one. Can you please check the version using in the demo site.


@stan-reeves-963 - The version of rtMedia on the demo is the latest version ( 3.1.4 ). Could you check your error logs and see if you can find anything there?


@stan-reeves-963 - Also for that to work you need to make sure you have "Enable Media in Activity" turned on. You can find that setting by going to rtMedia Settings -> BuddyPress.


@joshuaabenazer : you are right. I realy appricaite it.


Glad to know that solved your issue :)