How to add a photo as a comment

hi, is it possible to add a photo as a comment? it’s to upload a photo when commenting. or what code to add where to make this happen? thanks.

Hi @LIN_Fangjun,

Sorry to say but this is not possible. If you need it, you have to handle comment attachment on your own. To upload image, you need to add uploader by overriding media-single template file.

Thank you.

hi, @pranalipatel i search on this website. is it to add this to that?

this: *

Your browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight or HTML5 support.



this: click on the “view source” to get the code.

Hi, @pranalipatel

I saw in the Premium 1-on-1 support for Pro, you can have “feature request”.

if i buy the rtMedia Pro, can i request this feature to be made?

Hello @LIN_Fangjun,

What do u mean by this? We are not getting your question.

No, sorry to say but it is not possible.

Thank you.

hi, my question is this: to have a photo uploader, add the following code to Line 1018 of rtMedia.backbone (

the code to add is here:

this code is obtained from here:

Hello @LIN_Fangjun,

Here is the way you can follow for your custom code.

Thank you.