How to add a new privacy level?


According to my clients requirements, website has two user roles.(Example: Subscribers and Contributors). He needs to add a new privacy level as “Display only for Contributors” to privacy selectbox in image upload area.

I would like to know,

  1. Is this a possible thing in coding level? If yes, let me know the road map that I should follow.

  2. If it is a difficult task, I would like to hire you for developing this use case as an addon.

I’m waiting a positive reply from you.


Hi @dehigaspitiya,

Sorry for the delay in reply. I am sorry to say it is not possible without custom code. I suggest you to hire any expert who can do that that as we have other tasks in pipeline.

Hello @riteshpatel, is it still not possible to add a new privacy level today without any custom code? our client has two privacy levels on their site. namely:

  • Everyone
  • Friends & Fashion Pro

We wanted to add another one, “Fashion Pro Only”. if its still now possible without doing any coding, which file do we need to see the code on setting and adding the privacy?

Hi @project_assistant,

Hope you are doing well.

This is just a followup to tell you that you have created support request for same issue here -> How to add/edit privacy levels