How to add a media upload button to Comments?


I installed this plugin as a replacement for Kaltura which I have had some trouble with. However, the function that I really need is for users to upload video and images with their Comments, and this doesn't appear to be part of the default setting. How can I add a simple and functional 'Add Media' button to the Comments box, like the Kaltura 'Add video comment' button? (Media would be uploaded to my server, the same one that hosts my WP and BP)

Any help will be highly appreciated but please keep it simple, I'm a teacher not a programmer.

Thanks in advance!!


Adding media to comments is not in our current roadmap. We are still refining the essential features.

However, since this is a community effort, you could post your feature request here:

In any case, implementing this its going to take a while.


Thanks for your reply and advice :)

hi, is there an update on this? or how to ad a media upload button to comments? thanks.