How to add a css-class to excerots

Hey guys,

Thanks for your help. I have the following question now:

How to add a css class to the (manual) excerpt text at the blog homepage? By "manual", I mean that I always manually add the tag to create excerpts.

I also want this css class to be present on single-article pages, so that in general all text until the tag is displayed in a different css class then the rest of the post, for example in .excerpt.

Thank you in advance, hopefully you understand me :D

Hey examo,

Sorry for the late reply.

Couldn't quite get what exactly you want here. Are you saying that you want to add a class to the excerpts that are not auto-generated by WordPress on the listings page?

Hey Joshua,

Yeah, thats right. I want to add a class to the text before the tag on the listings page.