How to access wordpress files ? New

Hello i have a problem on my website. when i click on 2 page of a post that i broke down in 2 parts it gives me and error

Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

So i contacted my hosting and they said i need to find .htaccess file. but i dont know how or where to find this files. someone told me its on var/www/ location. but where do i type that ? or where do i go ? im new to this i used a youtube tutorial to setup my wordpress site i really need help. thank you :slight_smile:

I think you have posted on the wrong forum, this forum is about Nginx and Nginx does not use .htacess files at all. About the .htaccess files you will have to contact your webhosting company and they can tell you how to access your files. It sounds a lot like you are using shared hosting and the set up differs from company to company.

Are you using Cloudflare ? there is no .htaccess with nginx

no im not using cloudflare. i dont need to get into the htaccess. where do i find all the wordpress files ? this is the tutorial i used to set up my wordpress website

someone told me its on /var/www/ location. but i dont know where to go to find that location? where do i type that ? im new to this sorry


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You first connect to your server by SFTP or SSH then you can see all the files and folders and navigate to /var/www/ – this is where your Wordpress files will be located.