How to access the app/ directory?

How to access the /opt/easyengine/sites/ directory using FTP / Filezilla?

Ubuntu Server V18.04
Easy Engine V4.0

The app / directory seems to be a link

Please, just answer if form really help, quit curious.

If you have something to help, please explain the procedure. Do not do it in half.

Att. Flávio Igino

All of your WP or site files are stored in htdocs directory. Only wp-config.php is the app directory. In file zilla simply edit the path and change it /opt/easyengine/sites/ and it press enter. This is open docker volume directory where all of your WP files are stored.
I would recommend to edit wp-config.php using vi or nano via CLI.

Friend, thank you for your help, for your willingness to help me, but I did not understand your explanation.

Hi @ FlavioIgino!! FTP good for uploading files. But if like me you also just like FTP because it’s nice to have a visual guide of the directories when browsing, you should really try Midnight Commander, if you haven’t. I just learned about it recently, awesome for browsing, copying, deleting files in terminal, without having to type commands.

to use it, just type mc and hit enter. You will not regret

if your are in ubuntu first try in terminal with: sudo su
And then: cd app