How stable is NGINX?

Hi all,

I am relatively new to NGINX and right now I am trying out EE in order to see if it suits my needs. I noticed that my Ubuntu distribution comes with NGINX 1.4.6, while EE installs the ppa version 1.10.

I am wondering how stable the versions are which are not in the original repository … Some people have told me to not go with any software that isn’t fetched by the standard apt-get update commands … On the other hand, there isn’t a new version of NGINX in the repository either …

Thanks, Lex

I can understand your reservations but I have been using EE on my own production servers (all 5 of them) without a problem for close to a year now and I cannot complain. The opposite in fact. I love it and I am a very paranoid person.

I use EE on 60+ servers.

Sounds like myself (the paranoid part) … May I ask what you are most satisfied about ? And did you find any disadvantages whatsoever ?

The configuration just works for the most part. I especially like the fact that I don’t have to mess with file-permissions and most of the default stuff in wp-config when using WordPress works great. You also don’t have to mess with phpmyadmin.

The bad part is sometimes things can break and you need to know how to diagnose and fix the problem manually so Easyengine is not a substitute for knowledge it just saves time. Some of the configurations will not suit your needs. I am not a fan of their default Postfix configuration set up for example.

You will still need to harden your server as the script does not handle the firewall part, too many variations I guess.

The best part is that I can have a site run like three commands and you will be up and running in like 5-10 minutes.

Thanks for your reply … it’s very helpful. Server hardening is indeed another topic all together … however I was thinking about how EE updates NGINX … Is it so that it just compiles the source every time and adds the non-standard modules during building ?