How optimized is Rtmedia plugin?


I wonder how well optimized is the code in rtmedia. I’m testing and it seems that it take a lot of time to load. I’m using nginx server with 4 gb memory and ssd drive. I was testing with p3 profiler.
Rtmedia takes the highest load. 1.9078 seconds to load and 50% on average.

Buddypress Media - 0.1399 sec - 7.78%
Rtmedia Pro - 0.0456 sec - 2.54%

The green area in the image is the Rtmedia plugin. I feel like the magnific popup always takes a lot of time to load. Even if I’m using 1500x1100, for widescreen on a 24 thumbs screen and comparing to other galleries.

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Hi Felipe,

We always try to make our plugin as optimized as possible.

I had run the same test on our demo site with auto-scan mode, attached here. Can you give me some more detail on this test you had run and how you had run because it has a huge difference with our demo site report.

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