How o pass an extra argument to rtmedia "magnificPopup" jquery function

@joshuaabenazer I want to pass an extra arugment (a language parameter) to the magnificPopup jQuery function and i want the argument value in media-single.php. (In our application we are using WPML language translator, if the content is loading dynamically ie, using ajax, we need to pass the language parameter to the ajax hander and need to call a translate function ). But in the case of magnificPopup function we didnt know how to pass the argument and use that on the ajax handling page. So please help me resolve this issue.

Thank you

@joshuaabenazer i am looking for your reply

@joshuaabenazer . Plesae give me a solution for that, i am waiting for that.

Hi Stan,

You can do it via cookies, Just store cookie whenever language changed. You can access that cookies at a time of ajax request also on media-single.php.