How do I delete?

Great plugin! I made a student facebook for my piano students and they will be more involved if they can upload mp3's.. I've been searching and finally found that your plugin works great for what I need! :) Thanx!

The problem I am having is finding the "delete" button. I'm sure my students will want to add and delete to their media often. Is this something that is not possible at the moment? If you like, I can create a login for you to see (but prefer not to post it publicly).



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We haven’t added the “Delete” button on the listing page, instead, the button is on the activity and the single page(the page that opens when you click the audio item in the list). I’ve mentioned those in the screenshot below, have a look:

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Thank you for your quick reply! :slight_smile: There are delete buttons for images, but not for audio. Here is another screenshot after I click on it.

(Also, when do you anticipate the next release date is? Just curious. :slight_smile:

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It seems like you’ve deleted the activity from the Dashboard. There is some problem when we delete activities from there, BuddyPress introduced this feature only recently and a hook which we used for deletion of the media is misplaced for the Dashboard. There won’t be any problem deleting the activities from the places I’ve mentioned in the screenshot, but until BuddyPress releases its 1.6.2 edition, please don’t delete activities of BPM from Dashboard. About our new release, it will be pretty soon.

Is there a fix for this? I can only delete activity from the dashboard. It was able to delete from the activity 2 days ago… I’m just testing everything and was hoping to launch soon. There is no fix for the audio delete?

Thx for your reply :slight_smile:

Hi MissMandy,
That’s great, as you are playing with BuddyPress and BPM plugin.
The functionality which you are looking for, is yet to provided by BuddyPress in current version. I hope this will be available in their next release.
But if you want to make the customization of BuddyPress Media plugin to work as per your requirement, we do offer the paid services for the same. Feel free to contact us with your customization requirements.


The delete functionality has been corrected, just update the BuddyPress Media and it will function properly.

Awesome! Works perfect!!! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Are their any stable beta versions available for test that have more capabilities?


You can get a copy of the BuddyPress Media from Github also and we push the code there regularly. We tag the stable releases there also. But use the code from there with caution, and try avoiding it on production site.
You can find new features of BPM here.