How Do I Change Activity Image to Medium Instead of Small


Hi happy programmers,

I have been searching for a way to change the image shown in the activity feed to the medium size option instead of the small snapshot.

Thank you for any links or info.



Hi @vanleurth,

You can change image size settings from admin settings for custom sizes, below is the screen from where you will be able to set it according to your requirement :



Thank you for your quick reply. I have considered changing the dims of the snapshot image in that settings tabs but since there is an image size I already would like to use, medium, I would like to change the activity feed to use the medium size instead of the snapshot size as an alternative to changing the size at the settings level.

Is this possible? Which hook should I use? Any code example? Links?

Thank you



Hi @vanleurth,

We have used 3 types of image sizes as follow :

  1. Thumbnail : This size will be used to display images in media gallery.
  2. Medium : This size will be used to display media for activity stream.
  3. Large : This size will be used for single media page.

So, medium size is already being used for activity feed. Can you explain again what exactly you want to do ?


Hi I tried to configure like showed in the link above but the image size on activity stream is the same… (

I will send 2 images and you can see the configuration and the profile activity stream. Do I need to make some change with php code?


Hi @str8g0ys,

Please after changing image configuration, always check with new uploads. Can you explain what is your exact requirement ?


Hi This UK flag is the new upload and I did many uploads after this one… I want to configure the activity stream to show the picture bigger… not like a thumbnail. Yesterday I purchased the rtMedia PRO and it’s working well I think. I changed the ‘‘MEDIUM’’ Photo size in the ‘‘Media Size Settings’’. I dont know if I did correct but the activity stream (activity updates) remain showing the picture uploaded as a thumbnail. 150 x 150px, I want to see it like a Medium Foto 320x240px or with the same width of the page (the maximum I can, of course). Regards


Hi @str8g0ys,

This is theme issue.

Check it with this temporary theme URL it will work fine :



I enabled crop setting, uploaded a new picture that has a big size. but it shows like thumbnail in activity stream still… :frowning:


Hi @str8g0ys,

As it is theme based issue you can contact your theme developer to fix it out.



Thank you for your replies and useful information. I have a little bit of a question. If I want to fix width but leave height as a variable how do I do this? I have tried putting zero in height but that actually makes the image disappear. Is there any css or some other trick to just fix the width and have variable height?

Thank you



Hi @vanleurth,

If you want to constraint height and width of activity media you need to override them with custom CSS from rtMedia admin settings.

Here is the sample code snippet of custom CSS ( lets say fix width = 100px ) , you can add your’s accordingly :

#activity-stream .rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-list .rtmedia-item-thumbnail, .bp_media_content img {
 max-width: 100px;



Thank you for your reply. Will this leave height as a variable and only dependable on the fixed width value (This is, if I change width aspect ratio remains by adjusting height automatically) ? I’ll give it a try and let you know. I’m asking because in the original reply you say; “If you want to constraint height and width of activity” -

Thank you



Hi @vanleurth,

Yes it will leave height as variable as you want. Are you still having issue or it is resolved?

Thank you.