How do i add the drop down "post in" click like shown on the video?

Hello rTmedia,

I was very curious how i could put up the ‘post-in’ categorizing option for the post that i am going to upload ?? it is shown in your video example where you create a post and you could categorize it into posting board menus.

I am trying to build up a community where people can upload posts freely and their uploads can be selected into different categories in a page.

Can i possibly build this with the help of this plugin?

Thank you a milllion in advance.

Hi @ahd904,

Can you give me some more details what exactly you want to achieve? Which video example video you are talking about?
Here I am assuming upload posts means upload media.

Exactly in “1:14 of the video clip above” shows that when you are about to write something and post an update, the post that you are about to update can be categorized into “post in” categories.

Which looks to me the things that are update can be sorted to differnt categories.

If i also can make use of that, it would be really great since i am trying to build a community where people put their stuffs and update on posts and the posts can be categorized into different things so they can sort out quicker and find the posts that are more interesting to them.

Do i need to purchase the PRO version for this ?

I will look for an honest and sincere answer.

Please help, thank you very much in advance.

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