How can upload 3gp, mkv , wmv and FLV videos?


I am trying to create Video site which will have fashion videos. User (Buddypress member) can upload any kind of video like youtube. Is this possible with this plugin? I tried to upload all type of videos on demo site, but i got error as "Error: -601, Message: File extension error., File: Wildlife.wmv" so kindly help me how can I enable all type of video uploads.

Thanks in advance.

Rohan S.



Video encoding cannot be done in PHP-alone.

You can buy BuddyPress-FFMPEG add-on which will convert most videos/audios into compatible mp4/mp3 formats respectively.

Before you buy it, make sure you can install media-node on your server. You will need sudo or root-access to install it.


Thank you Rahul.

I just tried both FFMPEG and Kaltura plugins demo. But at both site having same issues as “Error: -601, Message: File extension error., File: Wildlife.wmv”.

So is any working demo?


Hi Rohan

Please check the demo again, it was a minor configuration glitch which is rectified now.

Demo Site(FFPMPEG)