How can I upgrade EE to version 4?

Hi every one. First off I congratulations on getting v4 going, I have been following the development for a long long time now and it’s so good to see that it has all come together, and very well too.

I’m right now on v3, I installed v4 on a server that I deployed just to see how all the folders are structured. It’s quite different to v3. It is a dedicated server that I have v3 hosted on, but unfortunately the company that is hosting it does not have an option to clear the hard drive and re-install the OS. They would actually need to go do it physically and there is a fee for doing so.

I was wondering how can I fully remove EasyEngine via SSH? Does any one have a step by step on this? I don’t want to delete something that I shouldn’t have, or miss something that I should have deleted. Once I get that done then I will be able to upgrade to v4, which I can’t wait to do

Thank you

Edit: I forgot to mention I use Ubuntu 16.04

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