How can I show edit options for photos to site-members?

Using Wordpress Multisite and Buddypress latest, the site superadmin can see various options to “Edit” a photo - for example rotate it etc

How can I allow the site members automatically to edit photos ? For a cross-reference Buddypics latest (modemlooper) allows to edit a photo without having to change member role, member permission etc - by just default set-up.



rtMedia has feature to edit uploaded media itself. There is no restriction for user role.

Below image show during media upload process, title can be edited.

Also, we can open that image in lightbox to edit.

Edit features like rotate image, crop, aspect rations, etc are limited to certain WordPress user level and that can’t be edited by subscribers role.

Just checked Buddypics, it don’t have option to rotate images.



That is cool, I never realized it did that, some sort of hint for users would be nice as it isn’t really obvious this functionality is there. Does this work with rtMedia attachments in BBpress, doesn’t seem to on my website?

rtMedia attachment for bbPress do not have edit image. Either you need to open that image in lightbox and in new tab.

Edit option for during upload process available with media gellery section, buddypress activity.


That’s too bad , it makes the user experience a little inconsistent when they can edit an upload in one area of my website and not in an other.