How can I change the position of post-title, post-meta & post-content

I want to show post-thumbnail on the left, out of the box and in the box on right I want to show post-title aligned with post-thumbnail, then below the title, post-meta with only author name and time, below it, post-content and at the bottom post-category link with read more link, how can I move the positions of the fields using hooks or filters.

I saw topic to replace the curly brackets of comment_count post meta, is it possible to do the same with post_title and post_content?

Probably this can be done by overriding the loop-common.php and add the custom markup at the appropriate position within the loop. As for displaying specific meta items, you need to override the default post meta function, creating a new one in your function.php and assigning the action to the appropriate hook.