How can I change the font with css at-rules?

Hello, I'm trying to change the font of whole page with google webfont. I tried to replace 'font-family' parts in CSS file with new web font but the change is not shown on whole page. So I tried to add at-rules on the head of style.css by adding "@font-face {...}", but it does not changed at all. How can I use at-rules on style.css?

thanks in advance :-)

I solved it by editing body, body#tinymce { ... } of style.css file AND add at-rules on the beginning of the css file. It seems the theme is not broken, but is it okay to add @font-face {...} in the css file?

sorry for self-answering and asking another question again.

Hello Letyoursoulbefree, Glad to know you’ve got the issue sorted :)

Its fine to update the css file. But I recommend you to use rtPanel child theme and overwrite the styles as per your requirement.